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Corrective Color

So, let’s just say for some insane reason you colored your hair at home, and now it’s jet black, bright orange or some other hideous color in between... Quick, call Laurel's Supreme Style in Sutton to the rescue, so we can help fix your color disaster. 

Prompt action is necessary and most experts believe you have a 48-72 hour window before the color has a chance to lock into the cuticle.

It’s a more difficult process than starting from scratch.  It could potentially take 2 or more steps.. maybe even multiple appointments.. But the knowledgeable color stylists at Laurel's Supreme Style will have you leaving the salon with a MUCH more desirable result than when you had to slink in wearing the latest fedora.

You will be so amazed at the end result…that buying that box of hair color at your local pharmacy will be a thing of the past.  And, the only thing you will be picking up in the future is the phone…to call and book an appointment at Laurel's Supreme Style in Sutton for your entire coloring and hair care needs. 

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